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Charged Accelerator Emuision Technology Developed for Fujifilm's HQ System precisely contoris the image expansion accompanying the development progression.This results in outsanding line sharpness and precise line width control producing fine lines and spaces without comproming exposure or processing atitude.This means that the Satisfine system meets line domanding requirementds of high complexity HDI/PCB's creation.
Processing stability
Advanced technologies applied to both film and processing chemistry gives the Satisfine system suporbly stable latebt image capabilities,and substabtially improved processing chemistry,Satisfine succeeds in sromficantly reducing the two main factors in develope exhaustion oxdization by contact with air and processing ieself.Controlled nucleation and accelerator technology also minimizes the effect of PH changes on film sensitivity.Thanks to these advantages,the Satisfine system requires fewer chemistry changes making it easier to use and low maintenance.As the result,it offers excellent image stability as well as savings in processing costs.
Ultra-high contrast and high optical density yield consistently sharped lines.High D-max ensures flawicess transter of images to the PCB materials.
Dimensional stability
Satisfine boasts outstanding dimensional stability required for highly accurate phototools,thanks to its specially designed polyester base.This minimizes size doviations caused by changes in humidity and by processing and aging.
Produced with care to minimize costly defects
Advanced new filtering technology and inspection system with its polyester base production process,ellminates defects originating in the film base Great care is also taken to prevent adherence of dust or small, particles to the film surface during manufactoring in perfectly controlled clean facilities,theseefforts prevent both while and black break in ultra fine patterns,reduce film inspection time and improve productivity.
The Satisfine package is specially designed to preserve the genuine Fujifilm quality.To prevent intrusion of small particles,film is folded with a plastic holder sheet inside in plastic bag ,which is reinforced with double sheet layers to prevert pinholes shock absorbers within the carton socure the plastic bag rigldly to preven movement of the bag from generating particies during transport or storage.
The addition of electrically conducave micro particles to the film backing layer eliminates static electricity.This prevents dirt and dust from adhering to the film and reduces remakers with Fujifilm stabe of art manufacturing technology.Processed film retains under low numidlty conditions.This eliminates fogging during contact work and prevents jamming caused by static charging during film transport from laser photoplotter to film processor.
Laser Plotter Film
HPR-7S Film optimized for laser photoplotters equipped with Red LD or He-Ne laser that delivers a sharp high quality image >>>
Camera and Recording Film
HCP-7S Film optimized for camera and laser photoplotters equipped with Argon laser,Blue LED,or Green laser,that delivers a sharp,high quality,high-contrast image.>>>
Recording Film
HIR HQ New HQ Recording Film that provides substantially improved image quality and higher dimensional stability for use with imagesetters with an IR laser diode source.
Camera Film
FCS HQ Economical that provides substantitaly improved image quality for general purposes.
Projection Duplicating Film
PDO HQ High-contrast orthochromatic film duplicating halftone or fine negatives and postives.Sensitivity level is most suitable for improser camera.
Contact Film
FKS HR Economical UV-sensitive contact film for superimposition and spread and choke work.